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Tubular Welding Wire

Supplier of tubular welding wire widely used to weld carbon steel and low-alloy structural steel, with tensile strength  greater than or equal to 490MPa. The tubular welding wire is used to weld some key structures, such as shipbuilding, m echanical manufacturing, pressure vessels, boilers, machinery, oil, chemical machinery, lifting machines, etc. As a supplier of tubular welding wire, we guarantee product quality.

Arame de Solda Tubular

Standards:  AWS E500T-1 (E70T-1), AWS E500T-5 (E70T-5)

Material:  Carbon Steel

Traction Rest σ b (Mpa) : ≥500

Yield Stress σ 0.2 (Mpa):  ≥410

Extension δ 5 (%):  ≥20 ~ ≥22

Impact Value (J):  ≥27 (-30 °) ~ ≥27 (-40 °)

Certificates CE, TÜV, DB, ABS, CCS, LR

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