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Calcium Carbide

What is Calcium Carbide?

It is a chemical compound of formula CaC2 for industrial use in the production of acetylene gas.

Pedra de Carbureto


Calcium carbide is applied in:

- Acetylene production: reacting with water generates acetylene gas.

- Production of Calcium Cyanamide : CaC2 + N2 = C + 2-5H2O.

- Steel Production: Carbon, Iron and Other Chemical components.

- Carburettor Lamps: Carbon and alkali or alkaline earth metals, with water.

- Deoxidation of slag and fuel.

- Desulphurisation of pig iron, steel and cast iron.

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Distefano Consultoria, according to its quality policy, is an agent for import and export of the best suppliers and manufacturers of Calcium Carbide in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 quality standards, to meet great demands for the production of acetylene gas.


The carbide is packed in 100 kg and 50 kg drums.

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