The root of every unbalance is in the depth of the thoughts that, when turns in ideas, they have the power to harmonize or to disturb the bodies that serve to the soul".






DISTEFANO CONSULTORIA was established in 2004 as a Foreign Trade Agency Company with main objective to link the world and reduce distance between companies in different countries.


Working with seriousness and commited to agility, quality and safety we started dealing with bearings and easily increased our portfolio of products, gaining know how to deal with Iron and Steel, Chemical, Toys, etc, earning respect and trust from our customers.


Through our consulting and market experience in Foreign Trade,  we offer services according to customer´s need, improving methods to facilitate international commerce. Our promotional activities and comunications, Mangerment of customers and suppliers; Management of custom documents, legal contracts, logistic and trasnport; market study and search and selection of manufactures service guarantee to our customers one better safety.


We welcome your contact and we will be glad to serve you.



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